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News 2012

Since September 2011, I have been focused on setting up E for Good and campaigning on e-waste. However, there is some other news too – covered
here. Please also look at news from previous years:

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  • Meeting Giraffe (Nov12)

    80% of all product related environmental impacts happen at the design phase. That's key to Giraffe's work...

  • Speaking in Istanbul (Oct12)

    My second speaking engagement in Istanbul.   I was invited to speak at Green Business Turkey 2012...

  • Sainsbury's Round Table with Justin King - CEO (Sep12)

    I was one of a dozen 'opinion formers' invited to a dinner at Sainsbury's HQ, with Justin King. The meeting was chaired by Anna Ford - former newsreader - shortly before she stood down from the Sainsbury's board...

  • Biomimicry - sustainable solutions (Sep12)

    [caption id="attachment_1151" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Michael Pawlyn"][/caption] I'm a great fan of Michael Pawlyn - from Exploration Architecture.   I love his ideas and thinking...

  • Which? on plastic bags (Aug12)

      I've done a lot of speaking and writing about plastic bags!  I've even written a poem on the subject, for one speech I made.  Which? asked me to give them an expert view for an article in entitled 'Plastic bags at breaking point'...

E for Good

In 2011, I set up E For Good, with Melinda Watson .We’re campaigning to reduce the amount of electrical waste (e-waste) as well as setting up systems to increase repair, reuse and efficient recycling. This is the focus of my work in 2012.

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Which? on plastic bags (Aug12)


I’ve done a lot of speaking and writing about plastic bags!  I’ve even written a poem on the subject, for one speech I made.  Which? asked me to give them an expert view for an article in entitled ‘Plastic bags at breaking point.   As well as being interviewed on the topic, I wrote a short piece which included an action list for supermarkets to:

1.  Encourage customers to bring their own bags and reuse them as much as possible

2.  Promote recycling of all polyethylene film, along with carrier bags

3.  Close the loop and make carrier bags from recycled plastic

Speaking at Ashridge (Jun12)


The Ashridge building and grounds were spectacular.  I was asked to speak to post-graduates doing an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility  by Ashridge Business School.  The programme was aimed at people already working in business and corporations, including consultants, activists, public sector managers and NGO professionals, which means there was a pretty mixed bunch.  My talk was about my personal sustainability experience, but it soon opened into a more interactive session with lots of questions from all the other participants.

Washing up tips with Fairy (May12)

Procter & Gamble, manufacturers of Fairy liquid, asked me to write some consumer advice about the greenest way to wash dishes.   One of my bug bears is people who rinse their plates under the tap before putting it in the dishwasher – either wash the plate or put it in the dishwasher. There’s no need to do both.  Another washing up horror is washing dishes under a running tap – particularly if it’s hot water.  I find it very difficult watching other people wash up, if they’re being wasteful – and sometimes can’t stop myself trying to change other people’s washing up habits!  Eek.

Supermarket refrigeration – Chilling Facts IV now out (Feb12)

It’s the fourth year of the Chilling Facts campaign, which I helped conceive.  Run by the Environmental Investigation Agency’s (EIA’s), the initiative aims to reduce the climate change impacts of supermarket refrigeration. We’re encouraging them to move away from HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) to more climate-friendly alternatives.  This year’s, results from UK retailers have shown a 44% increase in the number of stores using climate-friendly technology since last year’s report.  And we’ve started looking at European retailers too. Click here for pdf copy of the report and here’s a summary.

Haller raises £15k through The Funding Network evening

It started with bubbles and canapés and culminated with the London Gay Men’s Chorus, who were all dressed in black and looked a bit scary, until they opened their mouths!  The 10th Anniversary celebration of The Funding Network was held at Mansion House.  Haller was one of five charities selected to make a presentation – it focused on small-scale ideas for urban slum gardens.  Presented by one of our Trustees, Jonathan Ford from Pearlfisher, we managed to raise the most from the auction style donations – around £15k after Gift Aid was taken into account.

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