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  1. Frank says:

    It looks like you have a couple spelling errors on your website such as the word “humourous”. Check out a service like SpellAce.com to help. We’ve used it in the past and liked it.

    • Julia Hailes says:

      Thank you for highlighting this spelling error. I’ll check out SpellAce, when I’m tackling website issues! Have now amended ‘humourous’!! Best wishes, Julia

  2. helena barrowcliff says:

    Glad you are doing that most of us dream of .Think you have, besides improving the local environment ,let us know what a project like this costs ?.If affordable …many will follow ,or perhaps a simpler version .

    • Julia Hailes says:

      Thanks Helena. Very pleased that you’ve managed to comment on my website! I am working with the organisation that has been helping me – Operation Future Hope. We are setting up the Dorset Wilding Partnership, hoping to encourage other landowners to share what they are doing, help others do the same, give tips for best practice and even donate seeds or plants. Will put you on the list for details, if you’re interested. Julia x

  3. Thomas Scott says:

    Hi Julia,

    Tom Scott here. My mother, Elaine Scott, whom you met at Bristol University a couple of weeks ago, told me that you’d very kindly shared your email. She said that your son Is currently selling British food products to China!

    I’ve recently left my job and am looking to align with a job that is Chinese speaking. Sounds like what he’s doing is very interesting. I’m also interested in e-commerce (especially to China) and how the whole thing works, so would be great to speak to someone in the know!

    I wondered, if your son is willing, whether you might be able to put us in touch?

    Thanks ever so much,


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