In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I regularly appeared on TV and radio shows talking about green consumer issues. This coincided with the publication of The Green Consumer Guide (1988), Green Supermarket Guide (1989) and The Young Green Consumer’s Guide (1990). 
Sadly, I’ve only got a few of the clips and some of them are cut short.  My niece has kindly pulled them together in different compilations to give a flavour of the issues at that time.  
Since then there have been a few recordings which will be on other parts of the website.  And, I’ve created a separate page for wilding videos taken in 2020 and 2021..

Many people will be surprised to know how much interest there was about green consumerism in the late 80s and early 1990s.It was kicked off by the publication of The Green Consumer Guide, co-authored by myself and John Elkington, in 1988.Read More…

Published in 1988 ‘The Green Consumer Guide’ was written by John Elkington and myself – Julia Hailes. The book had 11 print runs in the first month, shot to the top of the non-fiction best-seller list and eventually sold over 1 million copies worldwide, being published in 20 countries. Read More…

The Green Consumer’s Supermarket Shopping Guide was launched on Green Shopping Day in 1989. A year on from The Green Consumer Guide, the supermarkets had completely changed their tune -green consumers were their customers and they wanted to appeal to them.  

We were surprised to find that the style of The Young Green Consumer Guide, with illustrations and simple language, was very appealing to adults! The book encouraged children to challenge their parents, as well as businesses, on what they were doing to be green – and help them to understand how these issues affects their everyday lives. Read More….

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