Telegraph Articles and Blogs 2007-2009

I’ve written numerous articles and blogs for the Telegraph. In 2007 The New Green Consumer [...]

Articles for the Financial Times (Mar11 & Jun11)

I’ve started writing for FT House & Home.  My first article, co-written with Fiona Harvey [...]

Chilling Facts about supermarket refrigeration and cooling systems (Mar11)

The Environmental Investigation Agency’s (EIA) Chilling Facts campaign began in 2008. Since then – it’s [...]

Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine show (May09)

Fierce debate about food waste and the merits of ‘slop bins’ or garbage pages as [...]

Chilling facts about supermarket refrigeration (Feb09)

  I’ve been working with the Environmental Investigation Agency on a campaign to highlight the [...]

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M&S Packaging fact sheets for consumers (Dec08)

Public concern about over-packaging so often misses the point that we should be looking at [...]

Biodegradable is not my bag (May08)

Chuck away plastic and it lasts forever. That doesn’t sound great, particularly for things that [...]


Woman’s Hour 2007 – 2008 (Jan08)

At the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 Woman’s Hour ran a series of [...]