Big Green Home Show (Oct09)

“I had to drop you a line to say ‘a huge thank-you’ to you for [...]

Briefing paper on carbon footprinting and carbon labeling (Oct09)

Proctor & Gamble asked me to write a briefing paper on carbon footprinting, which I think [...]

Trade Associations – Aise & Edana (Jun08 / Sep09)

  P&G are members of numerous trade associations.  A couple of them asked me to [...]

P & G Earthday (Apr09)

“Let me thank you for a really great and inspirational presentation at P&G Earthday in [...]

P&G Speeches and Earthday events (Apr09 & Jun07)

I’ve spoken at a couple of P&G Earthday events aimed at promoting greater awareness amongst their [...]

M&S Plan A (Mar09)

M&S launched their Plan A scheme in 2006.  CEO, Stuart Rose heads the team and [...]

M&S Packaging fact sheets for consumers (Dec08)

Public concern about over-packaging so often misses the point that we should be looking at [...]

Washing lines in Dubrovnik (Jun08)

Where bombs and missiles fell in the early 1990s, I stood looking at washing lines [...]

Biodegradable is not my bag (May08)

Chuck away plastic and it lasts forever. That doesn’t sound great, particularly for things that [...]


Marjorie Scardino in place of Anita Roddick – women in business (Apr08)

I was originally asked to speak at the Merrill Lynch ‘Shaping the Future’ event last [...]