Waste disposal is not for seagulls (Jun07)

I love the Brighton buses. Every stop has a sign telling you how long it [...]

Live Earth in Frome (Jul07)

Soon after the last chords of the Live Earth concert had died away I went [...]

Is flooding a sign of global warming? (Jul07)

Rushed back from London for a BBQ on the beach at Eype in Dorset. Like [...]

Prince Charles talking to trees (Jul07)

I was sitting just behind Prince Charles and Al Gore at the Business in the [...]

Green Washing (Jun07)

Cleaning clothes Did you know that on average we release 1 billion skin flakes a [...]

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Triodos Bank says ‘I do’ (Jul07)

This was no ordinary AGM. Apart from anything else Triodos staged it with a wedding [...]

Interior designers be damned (Jun07)

I stayed the night with friends in Holland Park. Only a year ago they had [...]

Bath & West – going green… (Jun07)

The Bath & West show was a bit of a wash out for its first [...]

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Mostly at Waterloo (Jun07)

Started the day by signing 50 copies of The New Green Consumer Guide at Pearl [...]

Australian PM prays for rain – at Hay on Wye (Jun07)

When I wrote the original Green Consumer Guide there was one question I was unfailingly [...]