Cut flowers and newsagents (May07)

The lady sitting next to me on the upper deck of a bus from Hammersmith [...]

Aga saga (May07)

Probably the issue that got most response in both my interview and serialisation of The [...]

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EU Bureacratic nightmare… (May07)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any work for the EU. I hope [...]

Photos in the bath! (May07)

I’ve never been tempted to be a film star – for a start I’m no [...]

Rosie Boycott – Our Farm (May07)

Now Rosie’s really skilled at PR. She’s managed to launch her book in London, Taunton [...]

Personal Carbon Allowances (May07)

In principle personal carbon allowances seem like a good idea. Everyone in the country would [...]

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Selling The New Green Consumer Guide on Amazon (May07)

It’s taken me ages to work out how to get this nice little icon selling [...]

Green Funerals Exhibition (Apr07)

My sisters is so amused by the fact that I was the key note speaker [...]

Guardian Unlimited Article about me (May07)

This article includes an interview with me: ‘I’m always learning new things about being green’, [...]

McDonalds Testimonial (May07)

“Julia participated in a panel discussion that explored our CSR past, present and future. We [...]