Biodegradable is not my bag (May08)

Chuck away plastic and it lasts forever. That doesn’t sound great, particularly for things that [...]


Marjorie Scardino in place of Anita Roddick – women in business (Apr08)

I was originally asked to speak at the Merrill Lynch ‘Shaping the Future’ event last [...]


Flying is not much fun (Apr08)

I wonder if the chaos at Terminal 5 may actually be doing us all a [...]

Easter Holidays (Apr08)

  Snow fights and snow men are unusual activities for an Easter holidays. We’ve managed [...]


Between the Sheets (Apr08)

I spend quite a lot of time staying at hotels or other people’s houses, often [...]

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Carrier bags – Fact sheet and video – (Apr08)

M&S took a lead in charging for carrier bags and have subsequently reduced the amount [...]

Why do we all hate plastic bags?(Feb08)

“Why do we all hate plastic bags?” I ask in The New Green Consumer Guide. [...]

Changing lightbulbs (Feb08)

First a confession. I have spotlights in both my kitchen and living room, which are [...]

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Bottled Water – Eau No! (Feb08)

“I’ve been drinking bottled water for 30 years and I’ll go on doing it until [...]

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Street light rant (Feb08)

There’s been some discussion recently about councils turning off lights between midnight and dawn. Hooray. [...]