Big Green Home Show (Oct09)

“I had to drop you a line to say ‘a huge thank-you’ to you for [...]

Water refill stations are coming (Oct09)

I generally carry a water bottle around with me when I’m travelling. It saves on [...]

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Solar powered lighting is good (Oct09)

My outside light is great. It’s a solar powered security light, with a movement sensor. [...]

Briefing paper on carbon footprinting and carbon labeling (Oct09)

Proctor & Gamble asked me to write a briefing paper on carbon footprinting, which I think [...]

Is Rick Stein’s fish sustainably sourced? (Sep09)

Last weekend I went to Padstow. This fishing port is best known for its association [...]


CAOBISCO Sustainability Round Table (Sept09)

“Julia Hailes ignited the CAOBISCO Sustainability Round Table with her incisive observations and commentary. Her [...]

EDANA Conference (Sept09)

“With her somewhat challenging lateral thinking and, ‘out of the box’ approach, Julia Hailes has [...]

Trade Associations – Aise & Edana (Jun08 / Sep09)

  P&G are members of numerous trade associations.  A couple of them asked me to [...]

Bottled water – Eau de Vie or ‘Eau de tap’ (Jul09)

I was invited to eat a ‘Water-Rich Menu’ at Quo Vadis in Soho. The host [...]

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Generation Green visit recycling plant (Jun09)

I was impressed by the passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of many of the children who [...]