An inconvenient truth about fish – The End of the Line (Jun09)

A fish collapse. 90% of the big fish are gone. The global fishing capacity is [...]

Pig heaven (Jun09)

A friend of mine called Sarah has bought three not so little piglets. They’re only [...]

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South Somerset Together Testimonial (Jun09)

“Please accept my thanks and admiration for your brilliant presentation – everyone commented on how [...]

Food waste for fuel in London and beyond… (May09)

I had an early start to get to London for the start of a workshop [...]


Cycling to school (May09)

Photo was taken in 2007 – not on the way to school… It’s brilliant. I’ve [...]

My Garden (May09)

It’s such a wonderful time of year for getting into the garden. I’ve actually managed [...]


Regifting – eek (May09)

Photo: A rather well-wrapped present… I don’t just recycled my rubbish, I recycle presents too. [...]


Haller transformation (May09)

Below is an article I wrote for Telegraph website about millipedes, hippos and Haller in [...]

Business in the Community (May09)

“Julia has an infectious personality which makes her a mesmorising speaker. Her speech at BITC’s [...]

Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine show (May09)

Fierce debate about food waste and the merits of ‘slop bins’ or garbage pages as [...]