Greening hotels (Apr09)

I stay in hotels all the time. And I quite often give feedback. Most hotels [...]

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Rant about disposable napkins (Apr09)

“Do you ever find it annoying when you’re given wads of napkins and bags you [...]


P & G Earthday (Apr09)

“Let me thank you for a really great and inspirational presentation at P&G Earthday in [...]

P&G Speeches and Earthday events (Apr09 & Jun07)

I’ve spoken at a couple of P&G Earthday events aimed at promoting greater awareness amongst their [...]

Off to Kenya and street lights closer to home (Mar09)

Denuded landscape near Mombasa Sustainable agriculture training plot near Mombasa   The offending street light [...]


M&S Plan A (Mar09)

M&S launched their Plan A scheme in 2006.  CEO, Stuart Rose heads the team and [...]

Shopping Trauma (Feb09)

I don’t really like shopping – particularly when it entails actually going out of the [...]

Snow crash (Feb09)

I would have abandoned the idea of school if I hadn’t run out of oil. [...]

Chilling facts about supermarket refrigeration (Feb09)

  I’ve been working with the Environmental Investigation Agency on a campaign to highlight the [...]

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Plugs, insurance, credit crunch, beetles and lunch (Jan09)

  Last week was busy. I flew from meeting to meeting. Not literally I hasten [...]