P & G 4th Expert Baby Care Advisory Group (Jun11)

I’ve sat on P&G’s Expert Advisory Panel for Babycare since is started a few years [...]

Qualms about gold teeth…. (May11)

I’ve already got one gold crown and it looks like I’m due for some more.   [...]

Incredible Edible was amazing (May11)

They’ve planted corn on the cob outside the police station. They’re lettuces in rose beds. [...]

Eco-scrutiny of my Eco-renovation

My London flat must be the most rigorously scrutinised property on the planet – in [...]


Oglivy Earth (Apr11)

OgilvyEarth, O&M’s global sustainability practice, has been named one of the world’s top agencies offering [...]

Becoming a Superhome (Apr11)

I’m trying to make my flat a SuperHome – a network of exemplar, old dwellings which have [...]

Eco-building expansion (Mar11)

When Ecobuild started 5 years ago less than 200 people attended. This year they were [...]

Waste Watch Big Green Society Conference (Mar11)

I’m chairing a morning session looking at the role of government, business and education in [...]

The E-Waste Campaign (Mar11)

I’m working with Melinda Watson from the Raw Foundation to set up an E-Waste campaign. The WEEE man, whose [...]

Articles for the Financial Times (Mar11 & Jun11)

I’ve started writing for FT House & Home.  My first article, co-written with Fiona Harvey [...]