I Love Bjarke Ingels (Dec17)

Not literally, of course – I’ve never met him!  But, I have seen a documentary [...]

The olive oil industry survives the cruise ships in Montenegro… (May17)

They are humungous. The cruise ships in Kotor were like vast beasts completely dwarfing the [...]

Tesla is flying (Apr17)

  The ‘flying’ Tesla Model X I showed my mother a photo of ‘Tess’ – [...]

Tesla arrives on April’s Fools Day – Teething Problems (Apr17)

She’s called Tess…  And she arrived today.  Glistening, blue and beautiful.  I’ve never been so [...]

Behind the Scenes in Paradise (Feb17)

I’m hoping that my eco-footprint, on our luxury holiday staying at the Six Senses Hotel, [...]

Was our luxury holiday good or bad for the environment? (Feb17)

  A friend of mine argues that the impact of long-distance flying to exotic locations [...]

Congestion charge exemption for hybrids is nonsensical (Jan17)

We bought a hybrid Volvo XC90 a few months ago.  It was a mistake. On [...]