Tessa Tennant started ethical investment… (Jun18)

Last night I went to a celebration for Tessa Tennant’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  It was [...]

Plastics-free everywhere (Jun18)

The plastic-free phenomenon is everywhere… I was walking between meetings in Soho and came across [...]

How good is my re-usable bamboo cup? (Jun18)

I’ve found a re-usable cup I really like.  It’s made from bamboo, is quite colourful [...]

Future of Food Ethics (Jun18)

It’s eight years ago since I stepped down from the Food Ethics Council, but I [...]

Speaking on Plastics – (May18)

The town hall in Bridport was full with an expectant crowd. Organised by the Transition [...]

Battle of the Quooker – hot water tap (May18)

Most people complain that their husband / male partner, doesn’t help enough with the washing [...]

Ideas for greener tourism in Myanmar [Relevant to other countries too] (Apr18)

There are over 3,000 temples in Bagan…​ Aureum Palace Hotel in Bagan claimed that 99% [...]


A lot of rubbish is talked about plastics… (Jan18)

The phone was ringing, the dog was barking and the builder was wanting my attention [...]


Will Bitcoin destroy the planet? (Dec17)

The energy impacts of mining Bitcoin spiral even more than its stock price Wow. The [...]