Why do we all hate plastic bags?(Feb08)

“Why do we all hate plastic bags?” I ask in The New Green Consumer Guide. [...]

Changing lightbulbs (Feb08)

First a confession. I have spotlights in both my kitchen and living room, which are [...]

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Bottled Water – Eau No! (Feb08)

“I’ve been drinking bottled water for 30 years and I’ll go on doing it until [...]

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Street light rant (Feb08)

There’s been some discussion recently about councils turning off lights between midnight and dawn. Hooray. [...]


Unwanted phone directories 50 times as high as Everest! (Feb08)

I don’t use phone directories any more – I always look up numbers on the [...]

Energy Monitoring Gizmos (Jan08)

TRIED AND TESTED – ENERGY MONITORS Energy Monitors don’t directly save you energy – but [...]

Carbon Trust Winter Lecture (Jan08)

Putin apparently joked that ‘climate change is good for Russians because they won’t have to [...]

M&S Plan A – 1 year on (Jan08)

One year ago I went to the launch of Mark’s & Spencer’s Plan A initiative [...]

Are motorbikes better than cars? (Jan08)

My sons were more impressed with these bikes than I was! Are motorbikes better than [...]

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Christmas waste (Jan08)

One of the most striking things about Christmas is the amount of waste we all [...]