My Manifesto for COP26 and beyond(Oct21)

I’m delighted that Cop26 is getting a lot of attention.  I think it’s great that [...]

I love electric bikes (Jun19)

Sailing through the countryside. Exploring hidden routes. Getting some much needed exercise…  It’s wonderful.   [...]

Tesla is flying (Apr17)

  The ‘flying’ Tesla Model X I showed my mother a photo of ‘Tess’ – [...]

Tesla arrives on April’s Fools Day – Teething Problems (Apr17)

She’s called Tess…  And she arrived today.  Glistening, blue and beautiful.  I’ve never been so [...]

Congestion charge exemption for hybrids is nonsensical (Jan17)

We bought a hybrid Volvo XC90 a few months ago.  It was a mistake. On [...]

Shipping needs to be greener…(Aug16)

When I was in Hong Kong, I was horrified by the smog shrouding the city. [...]

E bikes are brilliant (Sept11)

We’ve had great fun with our E-bikes.  I’ve been lent a couple for the Summer [...]

Buying a second-hand green car….(Dec10)

My Audi A3 was a bit battered but I loved it. I particularly liked the [...]


Eco-driving by Fiat (Dec10)

If everyone in Europe was an eco-driver we could apparently save the equivalent of the [...]

Bristol Council are wheelchair crazy (Sept10)

  I told the taxi driver at Bristol station that I didn’t want to go [...]