E-Waste Poem – with help from Dr Seuss (Dec12)

I’ve always been a fan of Dr Seuss’s books.  Green Eggs and Ham, Hortense the Elephant and The [...]


10 tonnes of e-waste an hour at SWEEEP (Dec12)

The huge grabber hand plunged into the pile of e-waste waiting below. You could see [...]


Setting up E For Good (Apr12)

Along with Melinda Watson from the Raw Foundation, I’ve set up E For Good. We’re [...]

Recycling is not enough – we need more reuse of e-waste (Feb12)

E For Good is campaigning to Clear Out and Clean up electrical and electronic waste [...]


BBC world service – Greening Christmas (Dec11)

My top tips for less waste at Christmas included planning menus carefully to reduce food [...]

Mad copper fiasco in IT (Nov11)

Copper now sells for somewhere between £4000 a tonne and £5000 a tonne depending on [...]

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Nappy recycling makes sense! (Oct11)

Bronwen Jameson and Paul Richardson from Knowaste   The smell wasn’t very noticeable until I [...]

Inspiring E-Waste Company Leads on Re-use (Sept11)

Sean Feeney from EnvironCom standing on fridge foam bits    Washing machines being tested I’m [...]


We need more computer re-use (Aug11)

We travelled up to Arnos Grove – an area of London I’d never been to [...]


Baby care products (Jun11)

I first got involved in the debate about disposable nappies vs re-usables in the early [...]