TV Clips – Fashion & Environment 1989 – Julia Hailes, Paul Smith and others interviewed.

Gosh – this video is actually quite funny. The lady from Next is incredibly competitive [...]

Tessa Tennant started ethical investment… (Jun18)

Last night I went to a celebration for Tessa Tennant’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  It was [...]

I co-founded SustainAbility – and it’s 25! (Apr12)

John Elkington has posted a blog about why we started SustainAbility.  It describes us meeting [...]

Geo Mission – Environmental Sponsorship (Mar11)

I first met Pen Hadow when we were fellow judges for Morgan Stanley’s Great Britons 2004.   Since [...]

Confessions of a Radical Industrialist (Jan 11)

I’ve just finished reading Ray Anderson’s Confessions of a Radical Industrialist.  It’s the inspirational story of how [...]


An inconvenient truth about fish – The End of the Line (Jun09)

A fish collapse. 90% of the big fish are gone. The global fishing capacity is [...]

Pen Hadow’s Arctic adventure (Dec07)

We missed seeing Pen Hadow and his team mates plunge into the chilly depths of [...]

Gay Times – I interviewed Kristin Digby (Sep07)

One of three interviews I did for the Gay Times – Kristin Digby . See [...]

Gay Times – Peter Tatchell (Sep07)

One of three interviews I did for the Gay Times – Peter Tatchell. See also Paul [...]

Gay Times – I interviewed Paul O’Grady – aka Lily Savage (Sep07)

“I’ve never known anyone make so much fuss about three light bulbs” Paul said as [...]