Clip from TV-AM with Anne Diamond 1989 – Julia Hailes interviewed about green supermarket products

Anne Diamond was very enthusiastic about green consumerism. On her programme again, I’m talking [...]

Washing up tips with Fairy (May12)

Procter & Gamble (P&G), manufacturers of Fairy liquid, asked me to write some consumer [...]

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan (Nov10)

There was a lot of talk about de-coupling. But they weren’t referring to what [...]

P&G – Expert Advisory Panel on Detergents (Apr10)

This was the fourth Expert Advisory Panel on detergents and cleaning products and the [...]

Expert advisory panel on detergents (Fabric & Homecare) 2007-2010

The first meeting of the Fabric & Homecare expert advisory committee took place in [...]

Fairy Dishwashing Leaflet (Mar10)

Procter & Gamble are printing 20,000 copies of their leaflet advising consumers on dishwashing [...]

Green Dishwashing (Feb10)

When people buy a dishwasher, they still hand wash many of their dishwashers – [...]

EDANA Conference (Sept09)

“With her somewhat challenging lateral thinking and, ‘out of the box’ approach, Julia Hailes [...]

Trade Associations – Aise & Edana (Jun08 / Sep09)

  P&G are members of numerous trade associations.  A couple of them asked me [...]

P&G Speeches and Earthday events (Apr09 & Jun07)

I’ve spoken at a couple of P&G Earthday events aimed at promoting greater awareness amongst [...]

Washing lines in Dubrovnik (Jun08)

Where bombs and missiles fell in the early 1990s, I stood looking at washing [...]

European Soaps & Detergent Industry Association (Jun08)

“Yourspeech was well appreciated.  It was good to have some challenging views.” AISE – [...]

Between the Sheets (Apr08)

I spend quite a lot of time staying at hotels or other people’s houses, [...]

Woman’s Hour 2007 – 2008 (Jan08)

At the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 Woman’s Hour ran a series [...]

The fabric of Istanbul (Sep07)

As my plane turned towards Istanbul I saw the dry landscape below. It was [...]

Green Washing (Jun07)

Cleaning clothes Did you know that on average we release 1 billion skin flakes [...]

A week away (Mar07)

When I say I’m going to be out of the office this week, people [...]