Our Wilding Weekend Was Wonderful! (Jun23)

It was tremendously exciting to get such positive feedback from visitors to our Wilding [...]

I’ve bought an eco-duvet (aug18)

It comes from the Fine Bedding Company. It is made of 100% post-consumer waste.

Battle of the Quooker – hot water tap (May18)

Most people complain that their husband / male partner, doesn’t help enough with the [...]

Christmas cringe over disposable baking tray (Dec16)

 Sometimes you hear something on the radio which makes you cringe.  Just before Christmas [...]

The Shocking thing about helium balloons (Nov16)

    Filln’away – essentially means fill the balloons and chuck the whole gas [...]

Speech disaster to Bathroom Manufacturers… (Oct16)

My speech went down the plug hole! I spent ages preparing my speech.  Had [...]

I’ve made friends with my heating controls (Mar13)

I’ve often been asked for top tips in greening your home.  One of my [...]

10 tonnes of e-waste an hour at SWEEEP (Dec12)

The huge grabber hand plunged into the pile of e-waste waiting below. You could [...]

FT Article written on Eco-renovating London flat (Apr12)

My article on eco-renovation was published in the House & Home section of the [...]

P & G 4th Expert Baby Care Advisory Group (Jun11)

I’ve sat on P&G’s Expert Advisory Panel for Babycare since is started a few [...]

Becoming a Superhome (Apr11)

I’m trying to make my flat a SuperHome – a network of exemplar, old dwellings which [...]

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan (Nov10)

There was a lot of talk about de-coupling. But they weren’t referring to what [...]

I need a new boiler (Oct10)

Our boots, shoes and tennis rackets were all wet. They were stored underneath the [...]

P&G – Expert Advisory Panel on Detergents (Apr10)

This was the fourth Expert Advisory Panel on detergents and cleaning products and the [...]

Expert advisory panel on detergents (Fabric & Homecare) 2007-2010

The first meeting of the Fabric & Homecare expert advisory committee took place in [...]

Fairy Dishwashing Leaflet (Mar10)

Procter & Gamble are printing 20,000 copies of their leaflet advising consumers on dishwashing [...]

Green Dishwashing (Feb10)

When people buy a dishwasher, they still hand wash many of their dishwashers – [...]

Christmas cards are wasteful (Jan10)

The Jeremy Vine Show wanted me to have a pair of scissors ready for [...]

EDANA Conference (Sept09)

“With her somewhat challenging lateral thinking and, ‘out of the box’ approach, Julia Hailes [...]

Trade Associations – Aise & Edana (Jun08 / Sep09)

  P&G are members of numerous trade associations.  A couple of them asked me [...]

My Garden (May09)

It’s such a wonderful time of year for getting into the garden. I’ve actually [...]

P&G Speeches and Earthday events (Apr09 & Jun07)

I’ve spoken at a couple of P&G Earthday events aimed at promoting greater awareness amongst [...]

Shopping Trauma (Feb09)

I don’t really like shopping – particularly when it entails actually going out of [...]

Christmas waste (Jan08)

One of the most striking things about Christmas is the amount of waste we [...]

Interior designers be damned (Jun07)

I stayed the night with friends in Holland Park. Only a year ago they [...]