In conversation with Isabella Tree (Nov23)!!

The Electric Palace in Bridport was packed. The Bridport Literary Festival or Bridlit had managed to [...]

Rubbish In Indonesia (Mar23)

It felt like Armageddon.  We went on a ‘nature bike ride’, but the trip [...]

Swimming in sewage (Aug22)

I was very surprised to be told by the Environment Agency that no-one should [...]

Wild about Knepp (May22)

My trip to Knepp was a revelation.  For those who do not know this [...]

Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea (Apr22)

It felt magical. We walked through the thick tangled forest and yet only meters [...]

Help! An Insect Apocalypse is happening right now… (Dec21)

The frightening thing is that we may not be aware of how devastating the [...]

Rewild schools before it’s too late (Jul21)

Rewild the world before it’s too late!  I’m supporting Operation Future Hope in their [...]

My Green Life (May21)

When I was a baby my brother painted me green.. Perhaps a sign of [...]

Peat in compost is environmental vandalism (Mar21)

That’s what Monty Don says and I agree. But it’s incredibly common. UK gardeners [...]

Is the EU’s Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive better for the environment (Feb21)

No.  I don’t think it is – at least not all of it. Mid 2021 [...]


I’m learning about owls.  My interest has been propelled by the regular nightly call [...]

Scorched earth in Sicily (Oct20)

What a beautiful time of year to come to this island perched on Italy’s [...]


I remember referring to the boiling frogs analogy in speeches about 20 years ago.  [...]

Going wild in Dorset (Sep19)

I’m tremendously excited about our new landscaping project… The central idea is wilding and [...]

Butterflies love this meadow

A wonderful place near me. It’s full of wild flowers. Butterflies and bees love [...]

I love electric bikes (Jun19)

Sailing through the countryside. Exploring hidden routes. Getting some much needed exercise…  It’s wonderful. [...]

Speaking at Lyme Regis fossil festival (May19)

I had to walk right round the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis before finding [...]

I’m feeding my dog insects! (Apr19)

The brilliant thing about this is that it’s better for the planet – and [...]

Watching ‘Blue’ made people angry (Dec18)

It was difficult to decide which part of the film made me more angry.  [...]

Qualms about gold teeth…. (May11)

I’ve already got one gold crown and it looks like I’m due for some [...]

I’m not supporting fuel price campaign (Mar10)

I received a round robin email this week. It was launching a protest campaign [...]

Green death – Will water replace fire in crematoria? (Feb10)

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about green death – and what I’d [...]

Hong Kong was dirty (Dec09)

Photo I took of the smog in Hong Kong – it should have been [...]

The Age of Stupid film (Oct09)

I’ve just watched this film at a screening in the nearby village of South [...]

An inconvenient truth about fish – The End of the Line (Jun09)

A fish collapse. 90% of the big fish are gone. The global fishing capacity [...]

A Trip to Waste Tip (Jun08)

Dimmer landfill site near Castle Cary in Somerset is unusual.  It has a rather [...]

Green Funerals Exhibition (Apr07)

My sisters is so amused by the fact that I was the key note [...]