During the weekend there will be guided tours, talks, exhibitors and stalls with information [...]

No Fence Farming in Romania (May23)

We cycled for over 100 miles and didn’t go through a gate.  The Transylvanian [...]

Our Wilding Weekend in June 2023 (Mar Update)

On 17th and 18th June 2023, my husband Jamie Macdonald and I will be [...]

Rubbish In Indonesia (Mar23)

It felt like Armageddon.  We went on a ‘nature bike ride’, but the trip [...]


We weren’t far from Singapore, but it was another world.  Two tropical Indonesian islands [...]

Swimming in sewage (Aug22)

I was very surprised to be told by the Environment Agency that no-one should [...]

Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea (Apr22)

It felt magical. We walked through the thick tangled forest and yet only meters [...]

Pura Vida Costa Rica (Apr22)

Having successfully navigated a rapid as we rafted away from Pacuare Lodge in Central [...]

Why is our MP not supporting the Dorset National Park? (May21)

Why hasn’t Chris Loder, Dorset MP, talked to the Dorset National Park supporters? Chris [...]

Scorched earth in Sicily (Oct20)

What a beautiful time of year to come to this island perched on Italy’s [...]

I love electric bikes (Jun19)

Sailing through the countryside. Exploring hidden routes. Getting some much needed exercise…  It’s wonderful. [...]

Ideas for greener tourism in Myanmar [Relevant to other countries too] (Apr18)

There are over 3,000 temples in Bagan…​ Aureum Palace Hotel in Bagan claimed that [...]

The olive oil industry survives the cruise ships in Montenegro… (May17)

They are humungous. The cruise ships in Kotor were like vast beasts completely dwarfing [...]

Behind the Scenes in Paradise (Feb17)

I’m hoping that my eco-footprint, on our luxury holiday staying at the Six Senses [...]

Was our luxury holiday good or bad for the environment? (Feb17)

  A friend of mine argues that the impact of long-distance flying to exotic [...]

The Shocking thing about helium balloons (Nov16)

    Filln’away – essentially means fill the balloons and chuck the whole gas [...]

Venice is sinking (Mar16)

It felt apocalyptic.  Exceptional flood levels. Sandbags.  Elevated planks to walk along. St Mark’s [...]

Why aren’t restaurants more sustainable? (Oct11)

Bluefin tuna is one of the most endangered species on the planet but it’s [...]

Walking into Slovenia (Jul11)

We walked over the mountains from Italy into Slovenia.   At the top the view [...]

How Green is Scarlet – Eco-hotel in Cornwall (Jan10)

My first impression of the building was horrendous. It was sitting on the cliff [...]

Hong Kong was dirty (Dec09)

Photo I took of the smog in Hong Kong – it should have been [...]

Greening hotels (Apr09)

I stay in hotels all the time. And I quite often give feedback. Most [...]

Supermarkets vs french markets…. (Sept08)

Even with the wind and rain lashing around our beach hut on the Dorset [...]

Yeovil to Naples by train (Aug08)

Up to Waterloo and across to St Pancras, we caught the Eurostar to Paris. [...]

Sea Kayaking – Scotland (May08)

I’ve spent quite a lot of time mucking around in boats but surprisingly had [...]

Flying is not much fun (Apr08)

I wonder if the chaos at Terminal 5 may actually be doing us all [...]

How green is the London Eye? (Oct07)

Much as I love having my children at home, a two week half term [...]

Eco-holidays in Trelowarren (Sep07)

There can’t be many things more exhilarating than surfing – or body boarding to [...]

Getting into the swim (Sep07)

Last year I didn’t have a proper holiday – a couple of days camping [...]

Holiday dilemma: fly or drive? (Jul07)

My family are going to stay with friends in the South of France for [...]