Julia Hailes MBE

Sustainability Pioneer


Green Funerals Exhibition (Apr07)

My sisters is so amused by the fact that I was the key note speaker at the Green Funerals Exhibition that she says she’ll put it on my tomb stone. But I’ve had to tell her that tomb stones are not very green! I’d prefer to have an internet memorial site and to have my […]

Guardian Unlimited Article about me (May07)

This article includes an interview with me: ‘I’m always learning new things about being green’, two decades after writing the Green Consumer Guide, Julia Hailes is still improving her eco credentials. She told Hilary Osborne about making friends with her heating controls http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2007/may/23/ethicalliving.climatechange and these two articles are written by me: Study in Green: About […]

McDonalds Testimonial (May07)

“Julia participated in a panel discussion that explored our CSR past, present and future. We encouraged her to be provocative because we want to be challenged to create game changing social and environmental policies and programs. And she sure delivered. She has strong opinions about McDonald’s, and she’s not afraid to vocalize them.” “Most of […]