Almost everyone has an opinion about wilding – and it’s rarely the same. I’m now joining the fray by encouraging more birds, bees and biodiversity. Working with Operation Future Hope, we’re restoring ponds, building banks, planting trees, creating wildflower meadows and so much more. Here are blogs and vlogs about what we’re doing.


Rubbish Ideas is all about making the circular economy happen.  Set up by Connor Bryant and his business partner Jack Schneider, they’ve launched ‘The Rubbish Project‘, which is focused on bringing products to market that really do make environmental sense.  Starting with the Rubbish Cup, made from 100% recycled materials and recycled back into cups at the end of their life. As a director and shareholder I’m following my long-standing desperation to do something about waste and wastefulness… 


My mum was so worried about getting dementia that she tried to kill herself before it really took hold. That was over 7 years ago.  She’s now in the advanced stages, having survived Covid – she can no longer walk, talk, laugh or cry. There are so many things we’ve learnt about her condition along the way, so I’ve started to share our experiences.  This is a huge deviation from the rest of my website – it’s the beginning of getting more personal…  

Big Yellow

People ask me why I’ve become a director of FTSE 250 company, The Big Yellow. The answer is that I’m excited at the idea of being able to help them bring in some new environmental ideas – and build on what they’ve already done. I only joined the board in March 2020, but will chair the first ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) committee in September.



Caroline Lucas "We must not jump out of the Covid frying pan into the climate fire" She's one of many talking about building back better... Let's hope we can make it happen. @CarolineLucas

My #eco-#renovated London flat is going on the market through Domus Nova. See blog I wrote about the #renovation in 2012 - https://juliahailes.com/eco-renovation-london-flat-2012/

£100 credit when you switch to Octopus Energy https://share.octopus.energy/ivory-lord-481 #OctopusEnergy.Octopus has installed a smart meter for our 3 phase electricity.. My son, Monty is connecting it to an energy dashboard, so we'll be able to monitor everything we do - solar, car charging etc


Thinking, Campaigning, Writing, Speaking, Advising, Challenging, Doing, Experimenting & Learning…

With over 30 years in the green sector, it’s exciting to see how sustainability is now part of mainstream thinking – and I’ve played a part in that.

When, I started working with John Elkington in 1986 we wanted to show people the connections with the choices they were making every day and their environmental impact. Our Green Consumer Guide, published in 1988 got this idea off the ground.

Since then, I’ve worked as a sustainability consultant, writer and speaker.My approach is challenging and at times provocative as I’m not interested in just supporting the status quo but aim to be a driver for change.

I’ve been eco-renovating my Dorset home for the past six years. My other top three projects are finding sensible solutions to problems created by our wasteful society, family planning in Africa and sustainability advisor to Loop Innovations.

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