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Times Oct21: The world has lost 11,700 sq km of coral reefs in past decade mainly due to climate change, more than all the living coral in Oz. The largest analysis of global reef health revealed that 14% of world coral has been lost 2009-2018 - rise in sea temp turn reefs white.

Mhttps://good.business/thinking/weekly-shorts/not-just-net-zero-this-is-mss-net-zero/ M&S were one of my best clients They focused on making a real difference rather than what people thought would be better. #MandS, #MarksandSpencer, #NetZero, #supermarket

Over 70% of 18-24 year-olds feel eco-anxiety. Many children all over the world have an existential dread of the future that keeps them awake at night. Read more in my blog about how this has the potential to be the biggest mental health issue of our time.

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With nearly 35 years in the green sector, its exciting to see how sustainability is now part of mainstream thinking – and I’ve played a part in that. 

I’ve written or co-written nine environmental books, including  The Green Consumer Guide (with John Elkington)  which sold over 1m copies worldwide. In 1987 I co-founded environmental think tank, SustainAbility and since then have worked with a wide range of companies advising them on issues such as waste, recycling, packaging energy, climate change and deforestation. 

In 1992 I went to Nairobi to celebrate my election to the Global 500 Roll of Honour for outstanding environmental achievement.  That’s where I met fellow laureate Rene Haller, an inspiring man leading the way in eco-system thinking. A decade later, I co-founded the Haller Foundation, promoting sustainable living in Africa, taking Rene’s ideas into the wider community.  In 2017, my interest in this continent led me to becoming a Trustee of CHASE Africa, which promotes family planning and women’s empowerment, particularly in rural areas.

In 2020, I became a non-executive director of the Big Yellow, self-storage, a FTSE 250 company and chair of their board-level Sustainability Committee. As a company with low energy consumption and a large amount of roof space, I identified a golden opportunity to significantly expand on their solar installations. 

I’m also on the board of Rubbish Ideas, which was co-founded by my son, Connor Bryant and his business partner Jack Schneider.  The key focus of the company, and its sister enterprise, The Rubbish Project is to provide circular economy solutions – using recycled materials, collecting waste, reducing carbon and making a positive impact on the planet. 

I work from my home in Dorset and am lucky enough to have spent most of Covid 2020 starting a wilding project.  Working with Operation Future Hope, we’ve been creating habitats for a wide variety of species from bees to barn owls – installing ponds, sowing wildflower meadows and nurturing our hedges and edges.  Lots more wilding projects to come – keep up with some of them on my blogs… 

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