Julia Hailes MBE

Sustainability Pioneer


I'm involved in a wide range of projects focused on making a real world impact, socially and environmentally.

Learn more about the projects I am involved with by following the links below. Alongside further details, each page displays any blog posts I have made relating to the projects.

Rubbish Ideas

I’m a director of Rubbish Ideas, a company whose mission is to create a waste-free world. They have developed a state-of-the-art tracking system, for companies that want to put the circular economy into practice.

Rainforest Trust

I’m a Trustee of the Rainforest Trust whose mission is to save endangered wildlife and lock up huge carbon sinks by creating rainforest reserves.

Wilding Weekend

I started wilding at my home in West Dorset in 2020 during lock-down. It has been a revelation, and I now organise Wilding Weekends, an annual event drawing attention to the benefits of rewilding land.

Solar Punk

I love the vibrant and optimistic vision of the future embodied in Solar Punk where technology and nature exist in harmony. I have initiated a project – in its early stages – to see how this might be put into practice.

Cafe Bridge

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