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A role reversal. Imagine humans behaved like animals and vice versa. What would we think about our homes being destroyed, our oceans poisoned and our forests being hacked?

This video does the imagining for us. It shows human’s petrified on a shrinking ice block, whilst polar bears sit in offices and wheel trolleys through over-stocked supermarkets. It shows humans poisoned by toxic emissions and fleeing bulldozers, driven by orangutans, through a rainforest on fire…

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Animal activists!

But the animals turn a blind eye to our fate. They watch videos about beautiful humans, but ignore the reality of what their life is doing to the planet. Animals are surrounded by consumerism whilst humans drown in waste. Protestors are beaten back by wolves with bared teeth.

It makes you think. It made me think…

Superb animation by Steve Cutts in a series of hard hitting videos with millions of views. I recommend them.

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