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Sheep are like locusts (Apr23)

A flock of sheep will eat pretty well everything in their path – wildflowers, buds, saplings and anything else that looks tasty. Ben Goldsmith has been highlighting the perils of

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Venice is sinking (Mar16)

It felt apocalyptic.  Exceptional flood levels. Sandbags.  Elevated planks to walk along. St Mark’s Square underwater and a deluge.  But I discovered that this was not very unusual.  And, it’s

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EU WEEE Regulation is Bonkers (Jan12)

For anyone that doesn’t know, ‘WEEE’ stands for ‘Waste  Electrical & Electronic Equipment’ – it covers pretty well all products with a battery or a plug.  Although it doesn’t actually

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Yarlington Housing (Mar10)

I was the key note speaker at the Yarlington Housing Annual meeting, held in Yeovil, which is close to where I live.   The organisation had a number of sustainability initiatives

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