Going wild in Dorset (Sep19)

I’m tremendously excited about our new landscaping project… The central idea is wilding and I’m learning about what this means in practice. One concept I found rather appealing was to look at nettles and docks, which love fertile, agriculture land, as the bully boys. And we’re going to replace them with a myriad of other species, including flowers, insects, birds, bees and other wildlife..

Helping us in our journey is Operation Future Hope – and in particular Lesley Malpas and Andrew George. Lesley is hugely inspiring when she talks about her work with schools, helping them transition away from high maintenance monoculture lawns with poisoned borders and brutally slashed ‘neat’ hedges. It’s a no brainer with lower costs, greater diversity and a brilliant addition to education.

Andrew is also going to be helping us with planting of green roofs at Hooke.

Further updates to come…

Lesley Malpas from Operation Future Hope