Quantumly awful (Nov08)

I’m not planning see a James Bond film again unless it’s radically different from Quantum of Solace.

It was awful from beginning to end, starting with a car chase that was impossible to fathom. Which car was Bond in? Who was chasing him? What was happening? Nothing was clear. Part of the problem was the photography – it was so close up and flashed from scene to scene that you couldn’t grasp anything. Most of the action scenes were like that.

Even worse than that was that the movie had dispensed with sex and humour. The lead woman, Olga Kurylenko, was incredibly beautiful but was treated by Bond with indifference – dumping her like a sack of potatoes when she was hurt. I missed the other woman because I’d fallen asleep.

Buried somewhere in the plot there was apparently an environmental theme. Something about making vast sums of money out of depriving people of water – as well as a mention of the world running out of oil. I like the idea of these sort of themes in a Bond movie but I only really worked out the plot on the way home talking to the children. What a missed opportunity.

Lots of violence and killing but no romance, technology or jokes. For me it wasn’t even redeemed by Daniel Craig – I don’t find him attractive. Good riddance to Bond….

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