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Dorset Life interviews me! (Jun23)

I loved being described as ‘probably the most effective person you’ve never heard of’! I wondered if it was too flattering for me to post the article or promote it in any way. But I overcame my doubts, and here is the Dorset Life article about my life! It not only covers the forthcoming Wilding […]

We’re going to the Big One – Friday 21st April 2023

The invitation is for everybody to Unite to Survive at ‘The Big One’ – a four-day action from the 21st to the 24th April 2023, where people from all groups and movements, not just XR, will gather throughout Westminster and at the Houses of Parliament. Here are our banners… Come and join us….

TV Clips compilation of Julia Hailes talking about waste and packaging – 1988-1990.

Recycling was probably the most popular green consumer issue because people could really understand what they could do. Quite often it was the only environmental thing they were prepared to do! Here I’m talking about recycled loo paper, overloaded landfill sites, saving energy, recycled materials, Mcdonalds cartons, egg boxes etc… “As we fill more and […]

Meeting Giraffe (Nov12)

80% of all product related environmental impacts happen at the design phase. That’s key to Giraffe’s work.  Melinda Watson and I, with our E for Good hats on, went to talk to Rob Holdway and Celena Fernandez about e-waste issues.  We discovered that we had a lot in common.  Rob was involved in creating the […]

Skydiving to raise money for Haller (Jun12)

Not me!  My son is planning a sky dive to support Haller.   He will be free falling at 130 miles per hour from 10,000 feet.  I’m glad it’s not me.   Haller is a charity that I co-founded – it supports sustainable communities in Africa, with programmes in water, farming, education, health, alternative energy […]

Project Dirt Judging (Jun12)

Timberland Earthkeepers Grant are providing grants to grassroots community projects.   Set up by Project Dirt it’s the third year that I’ve been on the judging panel.   Deadline for submissions is 1st July and winners will be announced on 9th July.

Eco-flat rented! (May12)

My eco-rented flat near Portobello Rd has been rented.  See FT article, I wrote about it Like all properties that are being sold or let, I had to have an Energy Performance Certificate carried out.  I was horrified by the first one that I had done because it was totally inaccurate – and didn’t reflect […]

Supermarket refrigeration – Chilling Facts IV now out (Feb12)

It’s the fourth year of the Chilling Facts campaign, which I helped conceive.  Run by the Environmental Investigation Agency’s (EIA), the initiative aims to reduce the climate change impacts of supermarket refrigeration. We’re encouraging them to move away from HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) to more climate-friendly alternatives.  This year’s, results from UK retailers have shown a 44% […]

The E-Waste Campaign (Mar11)

I’m working with Melinda Watson from the Raw Foundation to set up an E-Waste campaign. The WEEE man, whose head is in the photo on the left illustrates the amount of waste one person will throw away in a lifetime.  WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. But the WEEE man was made about a decade ago, so if another one […]

Chilling Facts Campaign on Supermarket Refrigeration (Feb 10)

Launched on 1st February, 2010, the second Chilling Facts survey has been very successful in drawing attention to the huge impact of supermarket refrigeration on climate change. I’ve been working with the Environmental Investigation Agency  on their campaign to get the supermarkets to switch to climate-friendly refrigeration gases.   We ranked the retailers on their performance and gave them detailed […]