Carbon Trust Winter Lecture (Jan08)

Putin apparently joked that ‘climate change is good for Russians because they won’t have to [...]

How green is the London Eye? (Oct07)

Much as I love having my children at home, a two week half term at [...]

Pen Hadow’s Arctic adventure (Dec07)

We missed seeing Pen Hadow and his team mates plunge into the chilly depths of [...]

Save the rainforests (Jun07)

South American travels Cool Earth has really hit the news this week. So much so [...]

Live Earth in Frome (Jul07)

Soon after the last chords of the Live Earth concert had died away I went [...]

Is flooding a sign of global warming? (Jul07)

Rushed back from London for a BBQ on the beach at Eype in Dorset. Like [...]

Triodos Bank says ‘I do’ (Jul07)

This was no ordinary AGM. Apart from anything else Triodos staged it with a wedding [...]

Hay on Wye Festival – China & droughts (Jun07)

The China Question When I wrote the original Green Consumer Guide there was one question [...]

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Personal Carbon Allowances (May07)

In principle personal carbon allowances seem like a good idea. Everyone in the country would [...]

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Easter holidays (Apr07)

Juggling Easter holidays with work commitments is a lot easier with an au pair! Alex [...]