Julia Hailes MBE

Sustainability Pioneer


We’re going to the Big One – Friday 21st April 2023

The invitation is for everybody to Unite to Survive at ‘The Big One’ – a four-day action from the 21st to the 24th April 2023, where people from all groups and movements, not just XR, will gather throughout Westminster and at the Houses of Parliament. Here are our banners… Come and join us….

I’ve learnt to love moles (Feb21)

My mother was very keen on mole traps, following a tradition that apparently started in Roman times. I remember having them firmly planted in the soft earth mounds that would regularly appear on our lawn.  When I moved to Dorset, I’m embarrassed to say that I employed a mole catcher, who set the traps. Never […]

Farmers Must STOP Killing Earth (Dec20)

Why are most rivers brown or red? A soupy earthy colour.  It’s because they are draining the life blood of our planet away – soil. It’s crumbling, melting and disintegrating into the water and being swept out to sea, never to return. It has to stop. It’s disastrous. And there’s a better way…  I remember […]