Julia Hailes MBE

Sustainability Pioneer


I’ve learnt to love moles (Feb21)

My mother was very keen on mole traps, following a tradition that apparently started in Roman times. I remember having them firmly planted in the soft earth mounds that would regularly appear on our lawn.  When I moved to Dorset, I’m embarrassed to say that I employed a mole catcher, who set the traps. Never […]

Venice is sinking (Mar16)

It felt apocalyptic.  Exceptional flood levels. Sandbags.  Elevated planks to walk along. St Mark’s Square underwater and a deluge.  But I discovered that this was not very unusual.  And, it’s not a new phenomenon either. In 1966 there was a huge storm which meant that the Piazza San Marco had a flood over five feet […]

Flash floods in Somerset (Jun08)

My local town of Crewkerne doesn’t often hit the headlines. Last Thursday it did. I saw the flash floods first hand. My sister-in-law had invited me – along with my mother and sister – to a birthday supper for my brother. It was rather a last minute event because she had forgotten about his birthday, […]

Is flooding a sign of global warming? (Jul07)

Rushed back from London for a BBQ on the beach at Eype in Dorset. Like almost every other outside event since the beginning of June it was rained off. Actually, it was moved. We had a party in a friend’s artist studio. The rain or more accurately the flooding was supposed to be the main […]