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Supermarket refrigeration – Chilling Facts IV now out (Feb12)

It’s the fourth year of the Chilling Facts campaign, which I helped conceive.  Run by the Environmental Investigation Agency’s (EIA), the initiative aims to reduce the climate change impacts of supermarket refrigeration. We’re encouraging them to move away from HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) to more climate-friendly alternatives.  This year’s, results from UK retailers have shown a 44% […]

The Environmental Investigation Agency – Fighting Eco-Crime (Mar10)

I’ve been made a lifetime member of the Environmental Investigation Agency or EIA for short. I think this campaigning organisation fighting eco-crime should be getting more attention. Founded in 1984, the EIA is rather unique in its approach to campaigns. Whether it’s illegal logging, smuggling ozone-destroying chemicals or trading in endangered species, they have under-cover […]

Chilling Facts Campaign on Supermarket Refrigeration (Feb 10)

Launched on 1st February, 2010, the second Chilling Facts survey has been very successful in drawing attention to the huge impact of supermarket refrigeration on climate change. I’ve been working with the Environmental Investigation Agency  on their campaign to get the supermarkets to switch to climate-friendly refrigeration gases.   We ranked the retailers on their performance and gave them detailed […]

Snow crash (Feb09)

I would have abandoned the idea of school if I hadn’t run out of oil. I’ve been lasting a year on one tank – and I lasted a bit too long. Of course it ran out over the weekend before the snow hit. Actually the house wasn’t that much colder than normal. During the day […]

Chilling facts about supermarket refrigeration (Feb09)

  I’ve been working with the Environmental Investigation Agency on a campaign to highlight the climate change impacts of supermarket refrigeration. The HFC cooling gases used have a global warming impact that is about 4,000 times worse than CO2, so this is a huge issue. Here’s an article that I’ve written on the results of […]