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My goldfish died along with Labour – Here’s my coalition manifesto (May10)

  Zac Goldsmith, formerly editor of the Ecologist, gets elected in Richmond   Chris Huhne – New Minster for Energy and Environment   Caroline Lucas – the first Green MP in the UK   My goldfish died in the night. I’ve posthumously named him ‘Gordon’. It seems rather propitious that their floundering exit coincided. And […]

Good riddance to US car companies (Nov08)

I sat next to a chap from Citicorp Bank for Sunday lunch at a pub last weekend. His company was apparently waiting to hear about the $20 billion cash injection from the US government. But he was more struck by the news about America’s car giants and their approach to getting a government bail out. […]

Car Troubles – Ford Ka Troubles (Aug08)

I’ve had a couple of prangs in my car recently. First, someone in a four-wheel drive reversed into me. They were trying to turn around because a lorry was blocking the road and they didn’t notice me nestled behind in my Audi A3. There wasn’t a lot of damage but the really boring thing was […]

Flying is not much fun (Apr08)

I wonder if the chaos at Terminal 5 may actually be doing us all a favour.  For two reasons.  The first is that it reinforces the fact that flying is not much fun.   It means lots of waiting, ghastly airports and lost bags – or fear of losing them.  The second reason is that it seems […]

Holiday dilemma: fly or drive? (Jul07)

My family are going to stay with friends in the South of France for our summer holiday. But how should we get there? We’re going by ferry and by car. In theory this is greener than going by plane – that was certainly part of my thinking when I planned the trip. But I’m not […]

Youth Media and G Whiz (Apr07)

Met Justin Smith from Youth Media  in a juice bar on Edgware Road. He’s been tremendously successful with his student communications business. We discussed a number of ways in which green messages might be included as part of his package. There’s so much that schools, universities and students could be doing to reduce their environmental […]