Julia Hailes MBE

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Sky News interviews me on e-waste (Jan24)

Are you concerned about e-waste? If not you should be! Over half a billion small electrical items ended up in landfill last year in the UK.  And to give another perspective, a person born in 1980 will generate around 500kg of e-waste in their lifetime – or 8 times their body weight. If you calculated how […]

Rubbish In Indonesia (Mar23)

It felt like Armageddon.  We went on a ‘nature bike ride’, but the trip highlights were piles and piles of rubbish.  Plastic bottles, old flip flops, a child’s shoe, fishing nets, polystyrene, foil packets and general household detritus. We were in Indonesia staying at the Banyan Tree on the northern coast of Bintan, which is […]


We weren’t far from Singapore, but it was another world.  Two tropical Indonesian islands to the East of Bintan, which is just South of the Asian city-state.   I have to admit that I’m a very critical tourist – I generally challenge hotels on everything including what’s happening to their sewage, how they source their […]

The Rubbish Project is hiring! (Jan22)

Brilliant opportunity for an entrepreneurial commercial director to work with circular economy pioneers. Click here to find out more. The Rubbish Project is a fast-growing company with too much work and not enough time. Would you like to be part of a team creating a ‘waste-free world’? Do you want to make a positive environmental […]

Let’s stop needing printers (Dec21)

The biggest problem with printers is that they’re not made to last. Good Business has published a great blog outlining the problem with these monstrously inefficient machines. I’m embarrassed at how many printers I’ve been through. They rarely last more than 2 years, they’re incredibly bulky, they’re really badly designed, if there’s a paper jam […]

My Manifesto for COP26 and beyond(Oct21)

I’m delighted that Cop26 is getting a lot of attention.  I think it’s great that young people – with Greta leading the charge – are voicing their anger at what’s happening to the climate.  It’s incredibly positive that more and more businesses around the world are trying to make meaningful changes. Not so good is […]

Right to Repair is good – my E-waste poem in the style of Dr Seuss (Mar21)

I wrote a slightly different version of this poem in 2012 when I was campaigning to change what happens to e-waste. Sadly, it’s still just as relevant today. However there is some good news. The EU are bringing in ‘Right to Repair’ legislation, which means that it should be much easier to get spare parts […]

Converting people to Sodastream (Nov18)

Many of us remember having a Sodastream in our childhood.  Then it seemed to disappear from consciousness. Now it’s back. It’s only been 10 years since I started liking sparkling water. Before then, I couldn’t understand why people weren’t happy with tap water.  Now, I’ve quite keen on having a cool glass of fizz with […]

War on Waste – Not just plastics (Oct18)

I’ve now done multiple speeches about plastics and waste.  The more I do, the more committed I am to changing our wasteful, disposable society. We’ve adopted practices that are ridiculous in their wastefulness and think nothing of it.  Here are some examples: Online Shopping: I live in rural Dorset and do most of my shopping […]