Julia Hailes MBE

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Turning the Big Yellow green

I’ve just been appointed a board member of FTSE 250 company The Big Yellow Self Storage!  I’ll be chairing the new Board Sustainability Committee and am looking forward to seeing how I can help turn The Big Yellow green… 

In 2007 I gave the key note speech at the Self Storage Association annual meeting. Had I known that many years later I’d working with the industry I’d have been very surprised. However, I love getting involved in new sectors – and working out how I can help them embrace further environmental change.

The Big Yellow has already reduced its CO2 emissions by 60% since 2011, whilst at the same time expanding it’s store lettable space by 20%. But as the world’s climate crisis is becoming ever more apparent, we all know that there’s so much more to be done…


Ambition (Nov19) Article about Gabriella Zepf, Head of CSR at the Big Yellow.

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