Julia Hailes MBE

Sustainability Pioneer



Was I a green yuppy? (Aug21)

Thirty two years ago – September 1989 – the Telegraph feature title was ‘Saving the Earth…. and Making money’. I was described as a ‘green yuppy’ or ‘guppy’, who sold

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My Green Life (May21)

When I was a baby my brother painted me green.. Perhaps a sign of what was to come. And the start of my Zoom speech on ‘My Green Life’. I

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But pretty nearly.  What a pity. These beautiful paper mâché, seed-shaped coffins are gorgeous.  They’re also a pretty good eco-option, as they’re made from recycled newspapers and magazines.   I’ve

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Butterflies love this meadow

A wonderful place near me. It’s full of wild flowers. Butterflies and bees love it. It also have far reaching views over Dorset countryside right the way to the sea

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I love electric bikes (Jun19)

Sailing through the countryside. Exploring hidden routes. Getting some much needed exercise…  It’s wonderful.   The strange thing is that when I say that I’ve taken up electric bikes, one

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