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Sustainability Pioneer


Clear Out electricals week in Grantham and Stamford (Mar12)

The aim of Clear Out Electricals Week, which took place in Grantham and Stamford from
12th – 18th March, 2012 was to try out E for Good’s ideas for collecting e-waste and raising
awareness about it’s impacts.   We chose to work in two Lincolnshire towns because of their
proximity to Environcom, the e-waste company we are working with – it meant that collections
were not too far away.

The Stamford Mercury – local newspaper – had their reception area over-flowing with e-
waste.  And a corner of their office too. They’d publicised our Clear Out Electricals Week on
the front page of the paper – and suggested that readers bring e-waste into their offices.
They were flooded!  The cage we’d provided was full by the end of the first morning, as
Stamford residents brought in old irons, vacuum cleaners, phones, printers, TVs – items that
had been lurking in garages and drawers, for years.  By the end of our week, they’d collected
over 2 tonnes of e-waste for reuse or recycling.


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