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Converting people to Sodastream (Nov18)

Many of us remember having a Sodastream in our childhood.  Then it seemed to disappear from consciousness. Now it’s back.

It’s only been 10 years since I started liking sparkling water. Before then, I couldn’t understand why people weren’t happy with tap water.  Now, I’ve quite keen on having a cool glass of fizz with a slice of lemon and even better with ice.

We’ve had our Sodastream for several years.  I gave one to my sister and she didn’t use if for about a year. Now she loves it, even though she’s not so concerned about the eco-benefits.  But other people are.  I’ve had several hits with getting people onto the idea –  Sodastream should employ me in their marketing team!  The biggest draw is saving hundreds of plastic water bottles a year.

“I have ordered it and am looking forward to not having to buy bottled water again.”

A small thing but all part of our less wasteful society…

P.S. Anyone who buys flat bottled water for use at home, in the UK, is beyond redemption. It’s pointless and wasteful.

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