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Cycling to school (May09)

Photo was taken in 2007 – not on the way to school…

It’s brilliant. I’ve started cycling to my son’s school in the morning – and back. Rollo and Monty got me going. They decided that they wanted to run to school along the lanes. I was rather surprised to see how far they got – 2 miles on the first day and 3.5 on the second when I had got them to put on their trainers.

The enthusiasm for being fit was contagious. Rather than following after them in the car – and picking them up for the final leg of the journey, I thought I’d try cycling. We got the bikes fixed and set out on Monday morning, only a little ahead of our normal departure time. It’s 4.5 miles and took us about half an hour. I think Monty, who was with me, could do it a bit faster but he had to wait for me at the top of the hills!

I thought that the return journey would be the problem. Actually, quite the opposite. I could take a more leisurely pace, look at the view and smell the scents as I rode by. Lilac and May trees are at their peak.

Back in my office by 9am I am feeling fitter and healthier. I just hope we can keep it up – when the weather isn’t quite so nice I suspect I won’t be quite so keen. This morning it was very cold to start with, so tomorrow I’m going to find some gloves….

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