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Future of Food Ethics (Jun18)

It’s eight years ago since I stepped down from the Food Ethics Council, but I still knew quite a few faces at their 20 year event, held in London this week.

I was particularly intrigued by one man who had moved on from being a chef to selling goats meat.He wasn’t impressed that the goat’s milk industry generally tossed away male goats as a useless bi-product.Now he buy’s about 30% of the billy goats to sell to restaurants.That’s the sort of lateral thinking I appreciate.

There was also a woman from Reading University who managed to shock other students with a virtual reality film of inside a slaughter house. She said that some of them were in tears but still wouldn’t drop meat from their diets. Having said that vegetarian and vegan diets are on the rise and there were mixed views about the merits of this – it really depends on what sort of meat people choose to eat, where its come from and how it was produced.  There were many other issues on the agenda – have a look at the Food Ethics Council website to find out more.

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