My Blog Returns Again… (Oct16)


My blog life has been rather quiet for a long time.  There may be some people who have been checking my Blogspot and getting fed up with looking at Lidl lobsters, which was my last post or a photo of me getting married saying that my blog is coming alive again?!   Hopefully, it will this time.

I’ve been eco-renovating my home in Dorset – and trying out lots of ‘smart’ technologies – many of which have turned out to be not very smart at all.  We’ve installed solar panels, bought a hybrid car, have installed ‘smart locks’ and wrestled with Honeywell’s Evotouch heating system, which should be brilliant but hasn’t been yet… All this with broadband speeds of less than 1Mb most of the time – we’ve been promised super fast in 2017…  Keeping fingers crossed.

We’ve been test driving Tesla cars – and have decided to buy one.  The Model X is coming early next year, although super-charging stations are few and far between in the South West.

And, I have a new enthusiasm for gardening.  Most of what I plant have to be on wheels – figuratively speaking – so that I can move them, when I realise they’re in the wrong place.  I’ve created a vegetable garden from scratch, which has been brimming with produce – beetroot, squash, artichokes, carrots, beans, lettuces etc – as well as flowers, such as calendular and cornflowers… It’s also had some very active cabbage whites which have decimated the brassica..  It’s organic, it’s wild, it’s a bit crazy…

My next blog is about a speech I made to the Bathroom Manufacturer’s Association. It was a disaster, so I’ve tried to explain why.




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