Laser Vision (Dec10)

It’s brilliant – I’m over the moon!  I now have 20:20 vision again.  I had [...]

Buying a second-hand green car….(Dec10)

My Audi A3 was a bit battered but I loved it. I particularly liked the [...]


Eco-driving by Fiat (Dec10)

If everyone in Europe was an eco-driver we could apparently save the equivalent of the [...]

Ecotricity Advisory Board (Dec10)

    Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity set up an Advisory Board in 2010.  Other [...]

Eco-renovation – starting with windows (Nov10)

I have a flat in London that’s been rented out for years. But I’ve recently [...]


Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan (Nov10)

There was a lot of talk about de-coupling. But they weren’t referring to what people [...]


Recycling in Somerset – new scheme includes plastic bottles and cardboard

I got stuck behind the recycling truck. What frustrated most was that it had just [...]

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Is the Green Deal a Good Deal? No! (Nov10)

This week I went to a Green Monday event, held in the offices of Merrill Lynch, [...]

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Second Nature Partnership – Advisory Board (Nov10)

South Africans, Charles Perry and Mark Griffiths, co-founded this partnership in 2009.  The philosophy is [...]

Fact sheet on disposable nappies (Nov10)

One of the most difficult eco-decisions I’ve had to make is whether to use cloth [...]