Australian PM prays for rain – at Hay on Wye (Jun07)

When I wrote the original Green Consumer Guide there was one question I was unfailingly [...]

Study in Green – Article in Guardian about student living (May07)

Study in green The typical student lifestyle isn’t exactly eco-friendly, writes the New Green Consumer [...]

Aga saga (May07)

Probably the issue that got most response in both my interview and serialisation of The [...]

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Personal Carbon Allowances (May07)

In principle personal carbon allowances seem like a good idea. Everyone in the country would [...]

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Easter holidays (Apr07)

Juggling Easter holidays with work commitments is a lot easier with an au pair! Alex [...]

Some thoughts – Fish, John Travolta, Home grown, Standby TVs (Apr07)

Eco-hypocrite I think that having 5 private jets and an airport in your garden really [...]

National Trust Question Time on Climate Change (Mar07)

Arriving at the Royal Geographic Society early turned out to be a good thing. I [...]