Too many boardrooms are climate incompetent (Feb21)

Very interested to see this FT article lamenting the lack of directors with expertise in [...]

Second Nature Advisory Board (Oct12)

I sit on the Advisory board of Second Nature – their mission is making sustainability [...]

Ecotricity Advisory Board (Dec10)

    Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity set up an Advisory Board in 2010.  Other [...]

Ecotricity Advisory Board (Jul10)

The inaugural meeting of Ecotricity’s Advisory Board was held at  Bordeaux Quay restaurant in Bristol [...]

Briefing paper on carbon footprinting and carbon labeling (Oct09)

Proctor & Gamble asked me to write a briefing paper on carbon footprinting, which I think [...]

Greening hotels (Apr09)

I stay in hotels all the time. And I quite often give feedback. Most hotels [...]

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Wasting heat through open doors (Nov08)

This week I had a meeting with the Carbon Trust, a government-funded organisation that helps [...]

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Turning on the heat… (Nov08)

  My eldest son sent me a text ‘demanding’ that I put on the heating [...]

Shell (Feb08)

In February 2008 I made a presentation to Shell communication executives on sustainability energy issues.  They [...]