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Too many boardrooms are climate incompetent (Feb21)

Very interested to see this FT article lamenting the lack of directors with expertise in climate and ESG issues.   I am proud of what I managed to achieve during my short tenure as a NED at Big Yellow.  This was not done simply by suggesting a Net Zero target by a certain date, but by backing […]

Second Nature Advisory Board (Oct12)

I sit on the Advisory board of Second Nature – their mission is making sustainability ‘second nature’ for the organisations they work with.  Charles Perry and Mark Griffiths are the company’s founders – and they have a lot of experience between them, with particular emphasis on business strategy  and expertise in energy, built-environment, clean tech […]

Ecotricity Advisory Board (Dec10)

    Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity set up an Advisory Board in 2010.  Other members include Jonathan Porritt (Forum for the Future), Charles Middleton (Triodos Bank), Martin Wright – Green Futures Magazine, Anna Guyer (Greenhouse PR) and Lucy O’Shea (Futerra.)

Ecotricity Advisory Board (Jul10)

The inaugural meeting of Ecotricity’s Advisory Board was held at  Bordeaux Quay restaurant in Bristol Harbourside.  Initiated by Dale Vince, Ecotricity’s entrepreneurial and campaigning CEO, the meeting was chaired by Martin Wright, Editor of Green Futures magazine.  Other members of the board included: Jonathon Porritt, founder director of Forum for the Future;  Patrick Holden, Director […]

Briefing paper on carbon footprinting and carbon labeling (Oct09)

Proctor & Gamble asked me to write a briefing paper on carbon footprinting, which I think is a good thing and carbon labeling which I don’t.    There’s also a video of me talking about this issue. “Thanks for the excellent factsheet on carbon footprinting and labeling – it’s great work!” Ioannis Hatzopoulos, P&G – Dec08

Greening hotels (Apr09)

I stay in hotels all the time. And I quite often give feedback. Most hotels are incredibly wasteful. Common practices include: -Leaving lights on in bedrooms when they’re unoccupied -Double beds with lots of pillows for only one person (resulting in lots of unnecessary laundry) -Individually wrapped soaps, shampoos and other products -Over-heating or cooling […]

Wasting heat through open doors (Nov08)

This week I had a meeting with the Carbon Trust, a government-funded organisation that helps businesses move towards a low carbon economy. They offer advice on saving energy, so I thought it was rather ironic that the doors of the large office block where I went were wide open – letting the heat out and […]

Turning on the heat… (Nov08)

  My eldest son sent me a text ‘demanding’ that I put on the heating for half term. I resisted because I’d decided to hold out until November – and even then only when it was really needed……….. Five-and-a-half per cent of UK greenhouse gas emissions comes from home heating. I don’t recommend that everyone […]

Shell (Feb08)

In February 2008 I made a presentation to Shell communication executives on sustainability energy issues.  They were looking to be challenged and provoked in an intense session lasting over an hour, which included time for a lengthy Q&A.  In 2005 Shell commissioned me to write one of a series of Guidance Notes, on social performance in […]