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Too many boardrooms are climate incompetent (Feb21)

Very interested to see this FT article lamenting the lack of directors with expertise in climate and ESG issues.  

I am proud of what I managed to achieve during my short tenure as a NED at Big Yellow.  This was not done simply by suggesting a Net Zero target by a certain date, but by backing up my recommendation to go climate positive, with a report showing how it could be done.  As a company with low energy consumption and a large amount of roof space, there was a golden opportunity to significantly expand on solar installations.  

My son, Monty Bryant, who is studying at Bristol University, helped me with the report. He has become an expert on energy issues which was incredibly useful in untangling some rather complex innovations in energy supply and production. The main themes we covered were:

  • How to buy green electricity that really is supporting renewables
  • How to maximise solar on Big Yellow roofs
  • How to introduce smart energy solutions to Big Yellow

Big Yellow has an excellent Head of CSR, Gabriella Zepf.  I’m looking forward to seeing the next steps.

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