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In conversation with Isabella Tree (Nov23)!!

The Electric Palace in Bridport was packed. The Bridport Literary Festival or Bridlit had managed to get Isabella Tree to come and talk to me in front of the 400 people who were able to get tickets. The focus was the newly published ‘The Book of Wilding‘ which is an easy-to-read manual on what can be done on […]

How Covid-19 is Changing the world (Apr20)

The Covid Crisis is sowing the seeds of division – young vs old, local vs incomers, poor vs rich etc. People are worried that we’ll never get ‘back to normal’ whilst others are wondering if that’s actually desirable. And, there’s also concern that the impacts of crashing the economy may even outweigh the terrible toll of the virus. However, there are positive initiatives too. I thought it would be interesting to look at some examples of what different organisations are thinking and doing…..

Converting people to Sodastream (Nov18)

Many of us remember having a Sodastream in our childhood.  Then it seemed to disappear from consciousness. Now it’s back. It’s only been 10 years since I started liking sparkling water. Before then, I couldn’t understand why people weren’t happy with tap water.  Now, I’ve quite keen on having a cool glass of fizz with […]

Speaking on Plastics at Trill Farm (SEP18)

“A quick but very heartfelt thank you for giving Trill such a good talk last Friday. It was a great evening with a really thoughtful and illuminating talk ( as well as good fun) and very much appreciated by everybody.” Romy Fraser, Trill Farm

Packaging & Organic Event – Soil Association(Sep18)

  “Thank you so much for coming today to the packaging and organic event and for the great presentations and insight you gave.  It was really well received from the feedback I’ve had and hopefully you enjoyed it as well.”   Clare McDermott, Business Development Director, Soil Association See details of event, supported by Ecotricity. It […]

Why aren’t restaurants more sustainable? (Oct11)

Bluefin tuna is one of the most endangered species on the planet but it’s still being served in London restaurants.   Monkfish is not very sustainable either – if it’s on the menu, ask the restaurant about their sustainable fish policies     The Hive Beach Cafe in Burton Bradstock is one of the first […]

Organix Baby Food (May10-Sept10)

I’ve carried out an environmental review of Organix Baby Food.  Based in Bournemouth, Organix was a pioneer in the organic baby food market and is one of the market leaders with their ‘No Junk Promise’.   With a good reputation on the nutritional and health benefits of their products they’ve asked me to help get up to speed […]

Behind the scenes at McDonalds (Jun10)

It wasn’t ‘Old McDonald had a farm’. Actually, the farm belonged to the Duchy of Cornwall although it was being run by farmer, Richard Hoskins. Near Dorchester, almost over-looking the Prince of Wales new town of Poundbury, the beef farm turned out to be a key supplier for McDonalds. The expedition was the first of […]

M&S Food (Feb10)

 “Thank you for all of your challenges and great ideas that have helped us develop our strategy to 2020.”   Helene Roberts, Head of Packaging, Food Division (Feb10)

CAOBISCO Sustainability Round Table (Sept09)

“Julia Hailes ignited the CAOBISCO Sustainability Round Table with her incisive observations and commentary. Her experience and mastery of her subject gave valuable insights to the mainly business audience from across the European and International chocolate, biscuit and confectionery industries” David Zimmer, Secretary General CAOBISCO, Sep09