Julia Hailes MBE

Sustainability Pioneer


My Mother was the first person in the UK to be buried in a mycelium coffin (Nov22)

When I tell people about my mother’s coffin, the most common response is ‘what’s mycelium?’.  The answer is that it’s fungi – in particular the vast network of fungal ‘string’ that thrives in the earth from one end of the planet to the other. Mycelium not only speeds up decomposition, it actually decontaminates the land.  […]

My Green Life (May21)

When I was a baby my brother painted me green.. Perhaps a sign of what was to come. And the start of my Zoom speech on ‘My Green Life’. I also talk about: Setting up SustainAbility Ltd, with John Elkington, in 1987 The global success of ‘The Green Consumer Guide’, published in 1988 Becoming a […]

Live Earth in Frome (Jul07)

Soon after the last chords of the Live Earth concert had died away I went to another green event on a very different scale – the Green Fair at the Frome Festival. Opened by Kevin McCloud (of Grand Designs fame) who has a Madonna-like status in the area, the event was a huge success, with […]

Green Funerals Exhibition (Apr07)

My sisters is so amused by the fact that I was the key note speaker at the Green Funerals Exhibition that she says she’ll put it on my tomb stone. But I’ve had to tell her that tomb stones are not very green! I’d prefer to have an internet memorial site and to have my […]