Julia Hailes MBE

Sustainability Pioneer


Swimming in sewage (Aug22)

I was very surprised to be told by the Environment Agency that no-one should be swimming in UK rivers because they were too polluted. My son and a couple of his friends had been at a popular swimming spot on the River Avon. A few hours later they were all violently sick. The extraordinary thing […]


A role reversal. Imagine humans behaved like animals and vice versa. What would we think about our homes being destroyed, our oceans poisoned and our forests being hacked? This video does the imagining for us. It shows human’s petrified on a shrinking ice block, whilst polar bears sit in offices and wheel trolleys through over-stocked […]

Hong Kong was dirty (Dec09)

Photo I took of the smog in Hong Kong – it should have been a sunny day!   Air conditioning in Hong Kong is having a huge impact on climate change Kowloon Christmas tat in street market We flew through a brownish smog as we descended into Hong Kong airport. During my four days in […]